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About Us


How Did I Get Here?

 Entrepreneurship was a bumpy ride.  Working in social service for many years has been one of the most rewarding and meaningful experiences of my life (second to becoming a mom and grandma.)  My years in social service trained me to wear many hats and multi-task blindfolded!  This touched on all aspects of business: accounting, administrative, bookkeeping, communication, financial analysis, human resources, management, marketing, notary public, public relations, social media, training and website administration.  Entrepreneurship was prompted by the toxic corporate  work environment I (purposefully) would go to work at every morning.  The deciding factor was the need to complete my degree before my high school-aged children finished college!  I received my Bachelor of Philosophy in Communication in 2007 at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois .


One Foot In, One Foot Out

After several years flailing about, watching one business plan morph into another, and set-backs leading to temporary job assignments, I found myself with the proverbial "one foot in (the entreprenuerial pool) and one foot out (in a W2 job.)"  It was, to say the least, exhausting.   I was churning high school graduates into college students (3 of them!) getting married (and then divorced) and dealing with a housing market crash .   Not wanting to give up, reorganization ensued. Legislation passed by Illinois worked in my favor to revitalize the business.  Shortly thereafter, I was seeing the fruits of my labor!  Turns out, training new notaries  was filling a need for the state, and provided for better informed notaries who desperately needed guidance and information that they could not otherwise find.  As luck would have it,  the business revealed peaks and valleys; in other words, it was seasonal.  This ultimately resulted in another W2 job at a law firm, but it helped me learn the cycle of my newfound (partial) success and gave me the opportunity to explore other opportunities that would work in tangent with my seasonal business.  With Lady Luck feeling the need to pay me yet another visit, I was presented with the opportunity to prepare taxes.  Well, not really luck insomuch as my brother, a successful CPA, looking for some assistance in helping grow his practice. Two years and three (difficult and hours-long) tests later, I earned the IRS credential of Enrolled Agent.  Turns out, tax preparation was seasonal as well, and not the same season as the training business.  Perfect!


Leaving Money On The Table?